Akash Karia

Akash is a global keynote speaker and bestselling author on high performance habits at works.  He has been sought out by companies such as FedEx, Ernst & Young, ATT, Wrigley’s, Sony Picture’s Entertainment and more for his expertise on high performance multipliers.

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    Fully Energized, Engaged and Equipped

    Imagine if every person in your organization was fully-engaged and energized. Imagine if every team member fully recharged physically, mentally and emotionally recharged so that they could contribute to their highest levels. Imagine if every employee was equipped with the right mindset and skills so that they could perform at their best.

    It’s a vision that drives Akash to do what he does.

    A former executive of a multi-million dollar corporation, Akash is on a mission to help energize, engage and equip employees with the right mindset and skillset that will help them unlock their highest levels of performance.

    As a global keynote speaker, coach and consultant, his keynotes and workshops help participants:

    • Improve mental and physical well-being  
    • Boost resilience
    • Adapt to change 
    • Adopt a growth mindset  
    • Harness the power of storytelling

    He blends storytelling, research, audience interaction and humor to inspire audiences and create measurable results.

    Happy Clients Around the Globe

    Clients who have sought out Akash's expertise include

    What Clients Are Saying

    Akash has spoken in 15 countries and 4 continents. Here's what clients are saying about working with him...

    "I had the pleasure of taking two of Akash’s workshops at Bristol-Myers Squibb. His workshops were by far the best workshops I’ve ever attended. He is incredibly engaging, inspirational, and energizing! He grabs the audience and keeps them mesmerized— you just want to lean in and listen. More importantly, he makes his audience really feel like they can rise up and be more inspirational leaders themselves."
    Lisa Elkin
    Bristol Myers Squibb
    "We hired Akash for our Asia-Pacific, European and North American conferences and he was a big hit! His session was exactly what we needed. I would highly recommend his programs - our team could not get enough."
    Kevin Kelly
    CEO & President, Stampede
    "Akash led a session with my team and a large group of folks in our organisation, focused on Storytelling. It was close to the most engaging and entertaining workshop I've probably ever attended. Personally I've had at least half a dozen different versions of presentation training over the last decade or so, and this one gave me by far the best tools and energy to take back to my day to day. Dynamic, relevant and directly useful for our business."
    Tim Harriss
    Sony Pictures Entertainment

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