3 Compelling Reasons to Promote Your Business with Public Speaking

speak-up-for-your-businessGuest post by Michelle Mazur.

You’ve probably heard that one of the best ways to promote and grow your business is through public speaking.

When you speak about your business, you’re instantly an expert.

You get to tell your business story and use your personality to make your business stand out.

Public speaking is an essential marketing tool. Are you using it to it’s full potential?

As an entrepreneur you’ve got a head start on many speakers because your message is in your business.

In fact there are 3 compelling reason to speak up for your business today.

1. You’ve got a deep understanding of your audience.

As a business owner, you’ve become very focused on your target market or niche.

You deeply understand their pains, know what makes them cheer and what they fear in the late hours of the night. You speak their language. You get who they are in the world.

Now, you can use all of that intelligence to speak up for your business.

Understanding the audience is always the first step in any successful presentation, but the great news is that you’ve done all of that research already.

You’re already miles ahead with all of the knowledge you have about the people you serve.

Using this “market research” while crafting the your speech will have the audience screaming “I want you’ve got” by the end of your presentation.


2.  You serve up value every day

Every audience wants to know one thing when you start to speak “What’s in it for me?”

The business you’ve created focuses on creating value that people are willing to pay for to make their lives better.

Since you serve up value everyday, approach your presentation with the question “how can I serve this audience?” in mind.

If you make an impact on the audience, they’ll implement your message into their lives, and you’ll become their top of mind expert on the subject.


3. You’ve got IT – the passion factor

 You love what you do right?

You created your business from nothing because of your pure passion and drive.

You’ve got IT – the passion factor. Passion is all about knowledge and enthusiasm about your business.

Audiences love a speaker who is overjoyed to be speaking to them. Enthusiasm is contagious.

You’re audience gets fired up when you’re fired up.

Passion creates sparkle—that gleam in your eye that causes audiences to lean in and crowd around you after a winning presentation.

Now that you’re armed with 3 compelling reason to start speaking up for your business, it’s time to get your message out into the world and show how your business serves those people who need you help.

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