Amanda Palmer: How to Open a TED Talk

The opening of Amanda’s talk immediately accomplishes three things: setting the stage for her entire presentation, commanding the room and creating intrigue and interest.

Amanda saunters on stage with a milk crate, a hat, a swath of crinoline and a flower. She places the hat at her feet, wraps herself in the fabric and stands on top of the crate as she holds the flower.

She scans the audience and breathes deeply.


Command the Room and Create Intrigue

A lesson for speakers is that when you take an influential stage – don’t just walk on stage, command the room.

Setting up the stage, taking the long pause while connecting with the audience via eye contact, shows confidence and moxie.

Don’t be afraid to set the stage the way you want it, to stop, breathe and make a connection before starting a talk.

You know there is something attention worthy coming because of the time well spent to create an experience. As an audience member, you can’t help but lean forward and wonder what this woman is doing. Your brain is dying to find out what happens next. From the time Amanda takes the stage she creates intrigue about why she has the props and how she is going to use them.

Post originally by Michelle Mazur, taken from my new book TED:ology which I co-authored with three other presentation experts.

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