Akash Karia

Akash Karia is a storytelling, sales and presentation skills expert who has trained over 180,000 people worldwide, from bankers in Hong Kong to senior executives in Switzerland to government members in Dubai. He can sometimes be found at the gym, where he loves practicing martial arts while listening to Taylor Swift. Get in touch via: akash.speaker@gmail.com

Story is the sell

You don’t buy the product, you buy the story. Nike doesn’t just sell shoes; they sell the story of striving for greatness. They sell the identity of “just do it”. Apple doesn’t just sell phones and laptops. They sell the story of simplicity and elegance. Harley-Davidson Motor Company doesn’t just sell motorbikes; the story of …

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Gladwell Storytelling Template

Here’s the Malcolm Gladwell storytelling template you requested. No optin or subscription needed! Download the PDF template by clicking here Download the template as a Microsoft Word doc here I hope you find value in the template.

Storytelling Framework

I’ve spent the last 10 years studying and teaching business storytelling. I’ve analyzed hundreds of TED Talks and brand stories to uncover what it takes to create a great story.  There is one story that I keep coming back to over and over again. I love it so much that I’ve used it to create …

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