Dinner with Brian Tracy…

I was fortunate enough to have dinner with Brian Tracy last night.

And he told me something that left me speechless!

brian tracy motivation

In case you don’t know, Brian is the author of 66 books and over 1000 audio programs.

He is insanely productive!

With my 12 books and 2 audio programs, I don’t feel so productive anymore.

Brian has also given over 5,000 talks in over 66 countries.

Curious, I asked him, “How do you keep improving yourself as a speaker?”

He said that the keys to public speaking mastery are:

— to get as much stage time as you can

— to have a great coach

— to read great books on the art of speaking

But you know what truly shocked me?

That, at 70 years of age, Brian has a coach!

That’s right, this public speaking master has a public speaking coach!


One of my favorite speakers, Joel Weldon.

Who is your coach?

What are you doing to improve yourself – personally and professionally?

What books are you reading to continuously improve yourself?


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