Don’t write the perfect speech!

Nothing is perfect.

Don’t write the perfect speech.


The moment you believe that you’ve written the perfect speech, it means that you have no more to learn. You have no new insights that you can gain.

And that’s a little sad, don’t you think?

Also, don’t aim for trying to write the perfect speech.


Because aiming for the perfect will always result in disappointment.

You can never gain perfect. Perfect is elusive. Perfect results in “paralysis-by-analysis”.

This doesn’t mean that you should do a sloppy job with your speech. Or with anything for that matter. Do the best that you can, but realize that it will never be perfect.

This simple realization will set you free from the pressures of perfection.

And, ironically, this freedom will allow you to create your best work.

So, go ahead, deliver an imperfect speech. Sing an imperfect song. Post an imperfect blogpost.

But do it.

Akash Karia

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