Dan Pink: When to Use Slides in a Presentation

If you’re giving a speech, should you use a PowerPoint presentation?

[Tweet “Yes, you can use slides in a presentation, but only if the slides help your audience.”]

For example, in his TED talk “The science of motivation,” Dan Pink was describing an experiment that was conducted. While the experiment wasn’t overly complicated, explaining the setup without a picture would take too much time and might be confusing. Therefore, Dan had a slide that was filled up by an image that showed the experiment setup.


The image aids the understanding of the message because seeing the experiment setup makes it very clear to the audience how the experiment works. The visual, combined with Dan’s explanation of the visual, makes the experiment setup very clear to the audience.

When you have to describe a process, an experiment or any kind of complicated relationship between different objects, try to see if you can use a simple image to help your audience understand it better. 

Akash Karia

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