Choosing the Right Font for Your Presentation Slides

You might not realize it, but different fonts convey different feelings. Fonts have personalities. Some fonts are reserved for serious presentations, whereas other fonts can be used for lighthearted presentations. Consider the font in my slide below:


What feelings does the font convey? Some words that come to mind are: Bold. Powerful. Commanding. Authoritative. Impactful.

Consider an alternative font in the slide below:


What feelings does this font convey?

Some words that come to mind are: Elegant. Sleek. Sophisticated. Stylish.

Since different fonts convey different feelings, it’s important you choose a font that matches your message. Your typeface must be congruent with your message. What kind of feeling are you trying to convey? Try out different fonts until you find a font that matches the mood you are trying to create.

Akash Karia

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