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Resources to Unleash Your Presentation Power: Become a Better Public Speaker

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1 – How to Open and Close a TED Talk (or any other presentation) [eBook]

2 – 35 Simple Public Speaking Tools [eBook]

3 – How to Design Sexy Presentation Slides  [Presentation PDF]

4 – 3 Presentation Design Tips for Sexy Presentations [Tutorial PDF]

5 – Audio Interview with Public Speaking Champion Ryan Avery [MP3 Audio]

6 – Audio Interview: How to Achieve Success in Network Marketing[MP3 Audio]

7 – How To Add Humor to a TED Talk (or any presentation) [Tutorial PDF]


Resources to Help You Become a Peak Performer

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8 – 8 Step Process to Change Any Limiting Label [Tutorial PDF]

9 – How to Triple Your Chances of Success with this Simple Technique [Tutorial PDF]


Blog Posts Worth 2 Minutes of Your Time

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10 – How to Finally Achieve Your Goals This Year: 3 Steps

11 – Can You Really Visualize Your Way to Success?

12 – The Science Behind What Makes You Happy

13 – The Most Powerful Word in Public Speaking

14 – A Public Speaking Tip from Sir Ken Robinson

15 – How to Tease Your Audience when Speaking

16 – Self-deprecating Humor in Public Speaking

17 – 2 Tips for Powerful Presentations

18 – Rhetorical Devices for Great Speaking

19 – Secrets of a World Championship Speech

20 – How to Your Audience Curious and Engaged with Knowledge Gaps

21 – How to Make Your Speech Relevant to Your Audience

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