larry lessig at TED

I received the following question the other day:

“I’m wondering: Is  there is a limit to how many slides you should use in your PowerPoint presentation?”

The answer? Absolutely not!

In his TED talk on “How creativity is being strangled by the law,” Professor Larry Lessig used 200 slides. Yes, you read that correctly: 200 slides for an 18-minute TED talk. For example, let’s take just one sentence from Larry’s talk:

“1906. This man, John Philip Sousa,


traveled to this place, the United States Capitol,


to talk about this technology, what he called the, quote, ‘talking machines.’”


When delivering this one sentence, Larry used three slides!

Three slides for one sentence!

The point: Use as many slides as you need, but only as long as your slides help your audience. Your slides should never be used as a crutch, only as aids to help your audience understand your story and your talk better.

Akash Karia

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