Presentation Skills Tip: Pay Attention to Proximity

Designing a presentation?

Here’s an important tip to keep in mind:

When different elements on the slide belong together, they should be placed in close proximity to each other. Let’s have a look at an example where no thought has been placed regarding proximity and line spacing between text elements:


In the slide you can see that because all the lines of text are spaced equally far apart, it takes a while for the audience members to digest the information on the slide.

Let’s change the slide so that the quote and the quote source are clearly two different elements. We will do this by changing the proximity between the lines. 


You can see two more examples of the law of proximity in action on the slides by Paul-Kemp Robertson:



While these may be simplistic examples, they prove the point that line spacing and proximity are two very important design principles you should keep in mind when creating your slides. 

Akash Karia

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