Sales Training Course 5: What’s Your Body Language Saying?

I experienced an ‘AHA’ moment six years ago when a mentor of mine videotaped one of my presentations and forced me to have a look at myself.

He suggested I study my presentation in three ways:

1 – With the sound turned off, so that I was forced to study my body language and gestures.

2 – With the sound on but the screen dark, so that I could only concentrate on the persuasiveness and power of my voice.

3 – With both the sound and the visual both turned on so I could see how both elements came together.

And when I did #1, I was shocked!

I had horrible body language.

My body language was SHOUTING to my audience, “I’m not confident!” and “I don’t believe what I’m saying!”

No wonder the audience wasn’t paying attention to me!

No wonder people were not buying into my vision.

No wonder people were not taking me seriously.

Do YOU know what YOUR body language is saying about you?

I’ve spent the past decade studying the body language secrets of powerful speakers, leaders and salespeople, and I’ve come to the realization that successful people use their physiology very differently than the rest of us.

Today, ask yourself: How are you walking? Sitting? Standing? Moving?

Is your body language conveying power and confidence?

Or is it conveying lack of belief and lack of enthusiasm?

If you’re struggling to get people to buy into your message or your product, then taking control of your non-verbals may be what you need to create the breakthrough you desire.

Akash Karia

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