Sales Training Course 4: Sell Like Steve Jobs

One great technique to learn from Steve Jobs is his use of power words to invoke emotions.

What do I mean by power words?

If you watch any of Steve’s presentations, you’ll see that they are peppered with words such as “amazing”, “revolutionary” and “gorgeous”.

Carmine Gallo, author of Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs, writes in his article in Forbes:

Jobs often used words such as “cool,” “amazing,” or “gorgeous” because he believed it. Your audience is giving you permission to show enthusiasm. If you’re not excited about your idea, nobody else will be. – Carmine Gallo via Forbes

Do you notice the POWER of the power words?

The words add emotion to the speech; they add excitement to the sales pitch / presentation.

When giving your speech, use power words to demonstrate your enthusiasm for your message.

Caveat: Of course, don’t OVERDO this. But do ensure that you add in some power words to inject emotion into your presentation.


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