Presentation Design: Placing Text over Noisy Images

If you’re creating a slide deck for your presentation, you might face the challenge that the image you’re using to fill up your slide has no quiet space for you to place text over.

What if your image has no quiet space for you to place your text over?

What if, no matter what font color you choose, there is not enough contrast between your text and the background to make your font readable? 

One option is to place a shape (such as a box or a circle) behind the text and to fill the shape with color. You can find an example of how such a slide would look (taken from Bill Gates’ TED talk, “Teachers need real feedback”) below. Notice how a “speech-box” has been placed behind the text in order to make the text stand out:


Another example is from Jesse Desjardins’ popular presentation, “You suck at PowerPoint! which you can view below:


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