Open your presentation with a roadmap | Steve Jobs Speech

Your presentation needs to provide your audience members with a Roadmap that shows exactly where they will be going and how they will be getting there.  

For example, during my public speaking seminars, I say: 

“During the workshop, you will first pick up three ways on how to create great content that keeps your audience wanting more. Next, you will discover three very specific formulas you can use to logically structure your speech for maximum impact. Finally, you will learn three delivery techniques you

The above Roadmap lets my audience know that the workshop is split into three parts: Content, Structure and Delivery. 

What this does is create three mental folders in my audience’s minds, one for each section of the seminar. 

Thus, audience members file the points for each section under the appropriate mental folders. This makes the presentation easier for audience members to follow and remember.

How Steve Jobs Used a Simple Roadmap to Structure His Speech

Did you notice how Steve Jobs used a roadmap?

“I will be sharing with you three stories. That’s all. Just three stories.”

It was very simple, but effective. It let the audience know exactly what to expect from the speech.

The lesson here is that you should include a short roadmap as part of your opening to let audience members know how your presentation is structured.

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