Story is the sell

You don’t buy the product, you buy the story.

Nike doesn’t just sell shoes; they sell the story of striving for greatness. They sell the identity of “just do it”.

Apple doesn’t just sell phones and laptops. They sell the story of simplicity and elegance.

Harley-Davidson Motor Company doesn’t just sell motorbikes; the story of belonging, of personal freedom, of being a “badass”.

In fact, Harley Davidson’s internal positioning statement reads:

“The only motorcycle manufacturer

That makes big, loud motorcycles

For macho guys (and “macho wannabes”)

Mostly in the United States

Who want to join a gang of cowboys

In an era of decreasing personal freedom.”

All of these companies make great products. But the products themselves aren’t the differentiators. The story is. They sell a story that appeals to the consumer that buys.

What’s your story? The marketer who goes beyond just selling services and products to selling the story is the one who wins.

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