These high-impact keynotes on storytelling help you stand out in the market, create differentiation and close more sales. All keynotes are customized to fit the theme and needs of your conference.

The Storytelling Advantage

In this storytelling keynote, you will discover:

The science of storytelling – a look at the neuroscience of stories, and how they drive behavior.

The future of storytelling – how storytelling as a medium is changing, and what you need to know.

Why the best brands, leaders and speakers use stories – and where to go to uncover these stories.

The 5-Step Storytelling Framework for creating persuasive stories that win sales, earn trust and increase influence.

How to use storytelling to build your brand, engage employees, gain customer loyalty, influence organizational change and grow your business.


TED Talks Storytelling

TED Talks are the new standard by which your presentations are measured. In this keynote, your audience will discover how to:

The powerful 3-part storytelling structure – a look how the best TED speakers use this structure to quickly create persuasive stories.

Harness the science of storytelling – an in-depth study of why stories are hardwired into the human brain, and how to use them influence change, create trust and drive behavior.

Structure a story to meet the end goals of the presentation.

Incorporate stories into data-driven presentations – so that you can create new insights for the audience.

How to design, develop and deliver TED-worthy stories – and use the stories in business situations to influence decisions.

Branding u0026amp; Storytelling

Your business story is your brand. This keynote is great for conferences focused on branding and marketing. In it, you will discover how to:

Develop your signature business story to create differentiation in the marketplace.

Where to go to uncover powerful new stories for your brand – and why customer stories are the best form of stories your brand can have.

Why the best stories start with a core message – and how to uncover yours.

The Storytelling Framework used by the world’s best brands


Leadership u0026amp; Storytelling

A keynote specially focused on helping leaders embrace the power of storytelling, this speech will look at both the why and the how of storytelling:

How leaders can use stories to influence company culture – along with case studies of leaders who have.

Why storytelling is such a powerful tool for leaders – and how to use it to motivate employees, create alignment and inspire teams.

The biggest storytelling mistake most leaders make – and how to avoid it.

Where and when leaders can use stories – but in a way that is natural and authentic.

Sales u0026amp; Storytelling

A perfect fit for sales conferences and meetings, this keynote is specifically designed to help salespeople and sales managers harness the power of stories to grow their sales. In it, you will learn:

The research behind why stories work – and how to use them in any sales situation to create trust and drive purchases.

How to use stories to increase the value of your offerings – even when the customer insists on talking about price.

The #1 storytelling mistake most salespeople make – and how to avoid it

The 5-Step Storytelling Framework that will help any salesperson close more deals.



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